Bee Vacuum - The Professional Model "Everything Bee Vacuum"

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The Professional Model "Everything Bee Vacuum"

A bee vacuum that solves these problems! 

This model is for the un-diagnosed insane. Those beekeepers who are doing removals full time, sometimes working 12+ hours a day doing 3 or 4 removals in a day.

Start with the Go Getter Model. The first big upgrade is the Super Battery internally. While the standard battery is advertised as running 6+ hours (and most customers getting 8+ hours of real use), This bigger battery adds one pound in weight, but I see about 9 hours of run time, and expect customers to get 12+ hours of real-world run time (40% more capacity).

Next, the Pro model adds a second bucket and basket. So back-to-back removals leaving the bees in the bucket is a breeze. Add a second hose, 10 feet long (3 feet longer than the standard) that can come in handy in awkward jobs.

This kit will expand your bee removal business in ways you can't imagine. Save 30-60 minutes on each removal. Save your back. Stop hauling all the extra equipment. Have higher survival rates. Win, win, win.

Included with this kit:

Vacuum head (includes LARGER battery, vacuum motor, and control board inside)


2x Buckets+baskets

7ft + 10ft hoses

long + short nozzles

Backpack straps

Retractable remote

  It comes with a one year warranty.
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