Med Skep Mold - High Quality Rubber Candle Molds

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Welcome to the world of candle making with Med Skep Mold, the ultimate tool for crafting unique beeswax candles. As a brand focused on quality and creativity, Beelite Candles presents this durable urethane rubber mold, designed specifically for casting beeswax candles by an expert mold maker.

No more struggling to find the perfect mold for your candle making endeavors. Med Skep Mold provides a seamless candle making experience. Our high quality urethane rubber ensures long-lasting molds, allowing you to make countless gorgeous candles without worrying about constant replacements.

But that's not all, with Med Skep Mold, you're not just getting a mold, you're getting a complete candle making kit. Each mold comes with starter wick, a bobby pin, and rubber bands, so you can start creating beautiful candles right away. No need to run to the store or wait for additional supplies, everything you need is included.
They make great gifts or can be sold as part of your own candle making business.

So DIY candle makers and crafters, why wait? Upgrade your candle making game with Med Skep Mold and let your creativity thrive. Join the Beelite Candles family and start creating your own beeswax candles. Order now and let your imagination light up!
Dimensions of Molded Item: 2.25 inches diameter by 2 inches tall

Wax Needed: 3.7 ounces of beeswax
Recommended wick size: #2/0

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