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Go Getter Everything Bee Vacuum

This unit is built for the rugged environment of doing removals. Large 7 gallon bucket will hold 50k bees with near zero deaths. The motor is powerful, normal bee-sucking speed is about 50%, and 100% power is great for clearing a hose clog sucking up a swarm quickly (careful, it can suffocate them). The 7 foot hose will reach about anywhere you want. The 18” nozzle will reach up between comb and suck up the bees. I advertise that the battery will run for 6+ hours, and most customers get 8+ hours of runtime on a single charge (lithium ion battery). This battery is rated for 500 cycles at 80% discharge, so it will last a long, long time. The gate valve on the side is vented, so when done, you can pull the hose and close it, but still allow a light airflow to keep the bees cool and provide fresh air. The charger is powerful enough to run the van in the rare chance you drain the battery. It has a simple red / green LED to indicate when charging & when the battery is full. It also includes the backpack straps, the retractable remote, and an extra nozzle, the short version. This helps when going up & down ladders or need to carry the vac and need both hands free.

Included with this kit:

Vacuum head (includes battery, vacuum motor, and control board inside)



7ft hose

long + short nozzles

Backpack straps

Retractable remote

Comes with a one year warranty 

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